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Community Engagement & Development

Community Team

Manas Resources conducts community consultations in order to hear and address concerns and issues of the community during development of our projects and further.

Manas Resources has established a community engagement and development  team for working with the community and surrounds of Shambesai project. The Community Team is led by the Community Affairs Manager who is always available to address any questions from the communities on behalf of the company.

Community Development Programs

Whilst in exploration, Manas Resources has provided social contributions to date on various projects, including maintenance of village roads, irrigation channels, schools and cultural activities in Kadamjai Region, Kyrgyz Republic.

Manas Resources is committed to assisting communities to develop sustainable long-term alternative economic and capacity building projects. Manas Resources upholds a participatory approach to community development programs, and designs and implements programs in partnership between the local authority, the community members, local NGOs and the company.

The key priority of our community development programs is to enhance the community capacity for sustainable growth. Manas Resources aims to work with the community on development projects to add significant additional jobs to ensure that long term benefits from the mine operation are assured and beyond the mine life.


Stakeholder Engagement

Manas Resources develops stakeholder engagement systems to guide us in forging positive and sustainable working relationships with the communities, governments, investors, contractors, employees and interested organisations.

Manas Resources undertakes stakeholder mapping to identify our stakeholders and their concerns and interests to ensure our development is conducted addressing these factors.


Manas Resources maximizes local employment in Kyrgzystan and seeks to provide as many job opportunities as it can to people throughout the community to ensure the fair spread of benefits from employment.
The Shambesai Project will become the largest industrial project in Batken region and will employ 250-300 people. At the stage of construction it can employ 300-400 people, and at the stage of production it can employ 250-300 people.
Skills and knowledge training will be provided to those who are selected and recruited by the company so that the community members will benefit from the skills gained in the long run beyond the mine life.

Manas' Community Engagement & Development Policy

Community Engagement & Development Policy (Kyrgyz)

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